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Spring Nursery Survey

Spring Nursery Survey

Survey Purpose

The Spring Nursery Survey is conducted each year in collaboration with the UC Master Gardener Program and other groups to gather information about the retail market for invasive plants in California. This information allows PlantRight to:

  1. Collaborate effectively with thousands of plant retailers, wholesalers and growers;
  2. Provide gardeners with information about invasive plants, and choosing beautiful non-invasive alternatives for their gardens;
  3. Inform our strategy, measure our progress, and keep our plant list relevant.

PlantRight works in partnership with the nursery industry and only releases aggregated data that protects the identity of, and data from, the stores that are surveyed.

For specific questions about our annual survey and how to get involved, please email us at

PlantRight™ is conducting its 8th Annual Spring Nursery Survey from February through June of 2017, and we would love to have your help! Participation is easy, educational, and fun. Volunteers will:

Vinca Major (periwinkle)Availability of periwinkle (Vinca major) has declined. Photo by Kathy Ikeda.
  1. View an online presentation (webinar)
  2. Download required survey materials
  3. Sign up to survey a store in their area
  4. Visit the store and record information about any invasive plants sold there
  5. Submit the information to PlantRight

On average, the entire process takes about two and half hours to complete, depending on travel time and how many plants you find. Some people choose to work with other volunteers. Returning volunteers may choose to view the full webinar, or a shorter refresher video. The deadline for submitting southern California data is June 4th. The deadline for submitting northern California data is June 20th.

In 2017 we not be having a second live webinar. Register to access the webinar recording or refresher video. Thank you for participating!

Register for the 2017 Spring Nursery Survey

Results from past PlantRight Nursery Surveys

2016 175 volunteers 302 stores 46 counties Fact Sheet (summary) Survey Report (full)
View our 2016 webinar featuring a guest presentation by Dan Glusenkamp from the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), about California native plants and gardening with them.

Highlights from the 2016 Survey Results

Please find below some findings from our most recent survey, conducted during the spring of 2016. See the 2016 Survey Fact Sheet for all of the most significant findings, or read the 2016 Survey Report for complete results.

Graph showing sales of invasive plants declining over time

  • Overall, invasive plants on PlantRight’s original list increased slightly to 13% of stores. However, two of these species (green fountain grass and periwinkle) continued to decline in availability, while pampas grass and highway iceplant were found at more stores in 2016 than in 2015
  • Recently added invasives decreased, driven by a continued drop in the sale of Mexican feathergrass (Nassella tenuissima).
  • The sale of invasive plants at big-box stores continued to decline, dropping from 16% in 2015 to 6% this year.

Previous Spring Nursery Survey Results

2015 156 volunteers 265 stores 38 counties Fact Sheet (summary) Survey Report (full)
View our 2015 webinar featuring a guest presentation by Calflora's Cynthia Powell and John Malpas, on how to use Calflora’s Observer Pro Phone Application and the Calflora website
2014 120 volunteers 226 stores 35 counties Fact Sheet (summary) Survey Report (full)
View our 2014 webinar with PlantRight's Project Scientist Christiana Conser on the ecological context of invasive plants, biodiversity, and habitat restoration
2013 136 volunteers 223 stores 38 counties Fact Sheet (summary) Survey Report (full)
View our 2013 webinar with Dr. Joseph DiTomaso, an invasive plants specialist at the UC Cooperative Extension in Davis
2012 142 volunteers 238 stores 38 counties Fact Sheet (summary) Survey Report (full)
View the webinar for Northern California, or for Southern California, featuring Doug Johnson, Executive Director of the California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)
2011 143 volunteers 226 stores 38 counties Fact Sheet (summary) Survey Report (full)
View our 2011 webinar with Dr. Daniel Gluesenkamp, Director of Habitat Protection and Restoration for Audubon Canyon Ranch, on the global spread of invasive species and invasive horticultural plants in California
2010 66 volunteers 73 stores 27 counties Fact Sheet (summary)
View our 2010 webinars on Addressing Intentionally Introduced Plants That Have Become Invasive by weeds specialist Dr. Joseph DiTomaso, and Invasive Plants in California and the PlantRight Program by PlantRight Project Manager, Christiana Conser
Survey volunteersMembers of the Monterey Bay Master Gardener program participating in our spring survey in 2010.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the dedicated volunteers who make this survey effort possible each year – thank you!