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Spread the Word!

Spread the Word

In addition to making safe plant choices for your garden, you can help protect California's wildlands by spreading the word about invasive garden plants! Here are some easy ways you can help:

  1. Tell your friends and neighbors about choosing beautiful, safe alternatives in place of invasive garden plants.
  2. Share our plant list which includes recommendations for invasive plants to avoid and safe alternatives to use in their place.

    2014 Plant List

  1. Post PlantRight's logo on your website or in your blog.

    PlantRight logo

    Copy and paste this code for the image on the left:

    <a href=""><img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="PlantRight logo" border="0" /></a>

  2. Senior woman gardening

  3. Share PlantRight's colorful brochures (for home gardeners or nursery professionals) with your local garden groups, neighbors, landscapers, nurseries and home owner associations.

  4. Want to get even more involved? Visit the Cal-IPC speakers' bureau to learn how to give presentations to garden clubs and environmental groups in your community.