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Benefits of Planting Right

We have a powerful opportunity to protect California's natural resources, since more than half of invasive plants got their start in gardens and landscaping. The horticultural community can effectively address the serious and expensive problem of invasive plants.

There are benefits for everyone participating in PlantRightâ„¢:

Home Gardeners:

Woman with a box of plantsYou can support garden centers and landscape professionals that are using non-invasive plants in their business! Not only does this benefit local businesses, it means you are actively protecting natural landscapes in your area. Invasive species are a leading threat to biodiversity, second only to habitat destruction. They impede our ability to enjoy California's most beautiful landscapes, both aesthetically and recreationally. You can make a difference by following PlantRight's easy steps to prevent invasive plant introductions - and feel confident that your garden is beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Many non-invasive alternative plants offer additional benefits, like lower water consumption, fewer fertilizer requirements and attracting wildlife. If you live in a fire zone, planting non-invasive fire-safe plants can help protect your home and property from the dangers of wildfire.

Nurseries, Garden Centers, and Landscape Professionals:

The California horticulture industry contributes $20.4 billion to the economy and accounts for nearly 250,000 jobs. How can horticulture businesses simultaneously serve their customers, protect the environment, and save Californians millions of dollars? By stopping the spread of invasive plants. We can be proactive and implement practical solutions, rather than wait for regulations. PlantRight makes it easy to find out which plants are invasive in each part of the state and which plants are better choices. We will be engaging the gardening public on this issue so that you can take advantage of increasing customer demand for environmentally-friendly plants. Created by the horticultural industry for the horticultural industry, PlantRight makes it easy to be a good neighbor.